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When most tenants think of customer service, they think of it as the service that they would receive off us, but as a Mutual, tenants can and have shaped the services that we provide to tenants.

The main objective of a Mutual is giving mutual ownership, responsibility and voices to both tenants and employees. There are a variety of ways that tenants can get involved and shape these services – from low level involvement (filing in questionnaires) to high level involvement (Democratic Body).

Would you like to get more involved with us and unlock your potential? We have lots of opportunities

“I am so glad I became a member of the Democratic Body. I am always learning and my confidence has grown so much. I am proud to have the opportunity to work with other tenants, and am always amazed at what happens in MVH. It’s great that through membership tenants have a say on what happens in their homes and communities.”

Kim Ford, Tenant Representative.