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The Welsh Ministers have powers under the Housing Act 1996 to regulate Registered Social Landlords in Wales. The Regulator makes an annual judgement of each Housing Association’s performance in terms of governance and service quality and on financial viability, in accordance with the Regulatory Framework and associated Performance Standards.

Their judgement is based on the organisation’s capacity to meet the performance standards which focus on the key risks and strategic issues facing Housing Associations in Wales. We provide the Regulator with a self evaluation of how we are performing against each of the performance standards, and they gather intelligence through our ongoing co-regulatory relationship with them.

This year our self evaluation was presented to the Regulator in the form of a suite of documents, including our digital Annual Report; Financial Statements; Value for Money Statement; Report to Members and Annual Compliance Statement – you can find these documents here. The Regulator receives lots of information in respect of how we are performing, and they attend various meetings and events to observe how we are conducting our business.

Today we received our Regulatory Judgement for 2017, and we are pleased to announce that we have achieved the ‘Standard’ judgement status for both ‘Governance and Service Delivery’ and ‘Financial Viability’ – this is the highest judgement category that we can attain.