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The way to apply for social housing in Merthyr has changed. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council have replaced the Tai Dewis (Housing Choice) system with Living Merthyr Tydfil – an online application and bidding process.

Paper applications forms are no longer being issued.

Anyone wishing to apply for social housing from 3rd of April onwards in Merthyr Tydfil must act now by setting up an online account and completing an online application form by submitting your household’s personal information.


If you are currently registered on the Tai Dewis system and you want to continue to apply for housing after April 2018, you MUST register on the Living Merthyr Tydfil site. Data cannot be moved from system to another.


Merthyr Tydfil Council will automatically delete all personal data from the closed Tai Dewis system.



What you need to do:


Step 1: Visit and REGISTER on the system (this is essentially setting up a USER ACCOUNT)


Once registered, the system will issue you with a LOGIN REFERENCE (typically a 5 digit number – it’s very important you do not lose this number).


Once you’re registered as a user, you can log in and out of the system at your leisure.





This form can take around 30 minutes to complete.


Only when your HRA is complete and validated by Merthyr Tydfil Council staff, you can begin applying/bidding for social housing.




The New Banding System

Living Merthyr Tydfil will only band applicants. Properties will not be banded.


There are three priority bands in the new system:

  • Band 1
    • This typically merges and replaces the current Gold and Emergency Bands
    • This band is for households assessed according to the new Common Housing Allocation Policy with High Housing Need


  • Band 2
    • This typically contains circumstances which were previously considered to be in silver Plus, silver and diamond bands
    • This band is for households assessed according to the new Common Housing Allocation Policy with Medium or Moderate Housing Need
  • Band 3
    • This typically contains circumstances from bronze band and some reasons from silver band.
    • This band is for households assessed according to the new Common Housing Allocation Policy with Low Housing Need


Please note all households which re-register on the new Living Merthyr Tydfil system – will be reassessed based on CURRENT information, therefore the above approximate comparisons between old banding and new banding are not guaranteed, but is for illustrative purposes only.



Help and assistance completing your application form


Living Merthyr Tydfil is a totally online process – from applying to join the register, viewing the available properties and bidding on them.


The Local Authority is aware that not everyone will have access to a computer or an internet enabled device. The One Stop Shop in the Civic Centre will have public access computers so you can enter your details onto the system/website.


If you require assistance to go online to register on the new system – You can meet a Council operative at the civic centre, who can assist you. However please note this service is by prearranged appointment only. Appointments are only available on Thursday and Friday and are subject to demand. Please call 01685 725000 should you require an appointment. This service is restricted to those who cannot access the internet due to a disability or specific vulnerability.



Please also remember that we have free computer access available in our reception – which is always available during our opening times.


If you need any help or assistance filling in the form, we are here to help.


Please call us on 01685 727772 or 0800 085 7843 so we can book you in an appointment. We’re asking you to do this instead of just calling in as the form takes around 30 minutes to complete and we want to make sure we can help you as best as possible.