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Glasier Road Garage Site – Building new homes

Today marks the start of an exciting project at Glasier Road – the demolition of 20 garages to make way for, much needed, new homes.

Over the next few weeks the site will be transformed as we pilot an alternative affordable living option and install two self-contained modular homes. These will have a kitchen/living room area with patio doors, a bathroom and a double bedroom and will include additional landscaping and parking facilities.

As one of the main social housing providers in the area, we are here to provide homes for those who want to live and thrive in Merthyr Tydfil. With issues like welfare reform affecting local residents, the need for us to provide affordable living has never been greater, and we want to fulfil our social responsibility to meet this need.

For us, this type of homes brings lots of benefits including quick installation, the ability to re-use in different locations and cost savings on materials. Please don’t misinterpret these benefits negatively – the homes are extremely modern and will look fantastic in the area. Take a look at the attached plan.

Our short term plan is to use Glasier Road, to allow us to determine the success and feasibility of this type of home. These will then be moved to a more permanent location, and new homes will be built on the site.