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Merthyr Valleys Homes have, in recent weeks received a number of queries with regards to the running of the Chestnut Way Building and the continuation of the services provided there.

Until recently, Chestnut Way has been home to a number of organisations including 3G’s, Communities for Work, Parenting Team, Barnardo’s, Health Visitors and Youth Support (all permanently based at the building) along with a range of community groups who make use of the facilities. The building is owned by Merthyr Valleys Homes but has been leased to (and managed by) the 3G’s Development Trust which has had responsibility for co-ordinating the use of the building.

In February 2017, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children announced that the Communities First Programme (which funds a large part of 3G’s, and subsequently Forsythia Youth) would be phased out by March 2018 which has impacted and reduced the functions and resources of both 3G’s Development Trust and Forsythia Youth (which it hosts). In recent months discussions have been held around how these impacts can be mitigated which included looking at alternative arrangements (including premises) to allow the continuation of many of the services provided.

Consequently, as you may be aware, on 31st March 2018, 3G’s gave notice to Merthyr Valleys Homes that they would be relinquishing their lease of the building, which means that from the 1st April, 15 Chestnut Way has come back under the direct management of Merthyr Valleys Homes.

Re-location Arrangements:

Merthyr Valleys Homes are keen to ensure that the impact on the services and activities run from Chestnut Way is minimised to the service providers, service users and the wider community while balancing the need to ensure that the running of the building is financially viable. This means that some re-organisation and re-location of services is necessary to allow the continued delivery of vital services.

Forsythia Youth will move from their current base at Forsythia Close and will occupy the 1st Floor from 1st July 2018.

3G’s Development Trust and the community groups will be moving to “the Clinic” situated to the rear of Chestnut Way. A list of the community groups moving to the Clinic is attached to this statement.  A date for re-location to the Clinic will be announced in due course.

In the mean time, 3G’s and community groups continue to run from 15 Chestnut Way but have moved to the 2nd Floor while the 1st floor is prepared for Forsythia Youth to move in.

Communities for Work, the Parenting Team, Barnardo’s, Health Visitors and Youth Support services will remain at the building and Merthyr Valleys Homes have appointed a Project Officer to oversee the arrangement while work is carried out and will continue to manage the building for the next 12 months.

Merthyr Valleys Homes would like to reassure service users and the wider community that it has not withdrawn services, we are simply having to reconfigure the building to safeguard the provisions as much as possible. As we’re sure you can appreciate there will be some disturbance while we undertake some necessary repairs and alterations to the building.  We ask for your patience while this is happening and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Any queries with regards to the changes to 15 Chestnut Way should be directed to Louise Jones, Project Officer on 07971 475520


Additional Information

Timetable of activities at Chestnut Way (PDF, 20 Kb)