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Our current Chief Executive, Mike Owen, has announced his retirement and will be leaving Merthyr Valleys Homes in April 2019. Over the past few months a Recruitment Panel (made up of Board Members and Democratic Body Representatives – Tenants and Employees) has been working busily in the background to prepare for the recruitment of a new Chief Executive. They have been supported by Mark Glinwood from Campbell Tickell, a specialist recruitment agency, and by Ruth Llewellyn – HR Manager, and Allison Soroko – Head of Engagement & Ownership.

The role has been advertised, and we are pleased to say that there has been a great deal of interest, with 18 applications being received. The Recruitment Panel have reviewed and considered each of the applications, and are taking 9 candidates through to a first stage interview – these initial interviews take place on Thursday 8th November 2018 at the Orbit Centre.  The Panel will then again shortlist to take a number of these candidates through to the final stage on Wednesday 14th November.

The panel are keen to ensure that we have an inclusive process, one that reflects our mutual ethos and one where all of our members can have the opportunity to get involved and have a say. Therefore the final stage process will comprise of:

Technical Interview - Weighted 40%

Technical Interview

A panel of Board Members and Democratic Body Representatives will interview the candidates to ensure that they have the technical knowledge and ability required for the role.



Nicola Evans (Chair of the Board)

Elizabeth Lendering  (Vice-Chair of the Board)

Rachel Honey-Jones(Board Member)

Julie McCarthy (Democratic Body Representative – Employee)

Values Interview - Weighted 40%

Values Interview

A panel of Board Members and Democratic Body Representatives will interview the candidates to ensure that they demonstrate and express the core values identified as being important to Merthyr Valleys Homes.



Natalie Warner (Chair of the Democratic Body)

Nigel Phillips-Gunter (Vice-Chair of the Democratic Body)

Frances Bevan (Democratic Body Representative – Tenant)

Kris Cole (Democratic Body Representative – Employee)

Jonathan Tumelty (Board Member)


Both interview panels will be supported by Mark Glinwood, Campbell Tickell


Presentation - Weighted 20%

The candidates will be given a topic on the day, and will be given 45 minutes to prepare a 5 minute verbal presentation. This will be delivered to a panel consisting of Democratic Body representatives:



Joan Marshall (Tenant Representative)

Mark Davies (Employee Representative)

Ceri Price (Employee Representative)


Each of the presentations will be recorded, and shortly after, on 16th and 19th November, all members will be invited to view the presentations and have their say!  Members will be invited into Ty Brychan, and providing they view all of the candidates’ presentations, they will be able to vote using a scoring system. Members will be grouped together, the sessions will be facilitated, and there will be time for a group discussion at the end (if members wish to have a discussion). All scoring will be done on an individual basis. The results of the scoring will be fed back into the selection process.


All members will be directly invited to take part in this section of the process, and we will use our website and social media channels to supplement this. Members will need to notify us of their intention to participate by no later than Friday 9th November.



The interview panels will re-convene on 20th November to consider the outcome of the final stage process and will select a candidate. A recommendation will be made to Board on 20th November and subject to their approval, Board shall make a recommendation to Democratic Body for their acceptance on 22nd November. Subject Democratic Body’s acceptance, Campbell Tickell will contact the candidate. Subject to their acceptance and references, we aim to announce our new Chief Executive on 30th November 2018.