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Statement from Mike Owen, Chief Executive of Merthyr Valleys Homes on the published Pay Transparency Report

“The Pay Transparency Report published by Community Housing Cymru has a number of interesting points for Merthyr Valleys Homes particularly around median pay and the comparison of male and female pay within our organisation.

We are a members’ mutual and in the same way that we have a living rent, we have also been paying the real living wage since 2013. This is £1.17 higher than the National Living Wage and makes a real difference to our lowest paid employees. We are proud that all pay, including my own, is set through the collective agreement with our Trade Unions as part of the same process.  We mostly agree a pay deal annually, but occasionally a two year deal is agreed at an annual meeting with the respective trade unions. This is then voted on by those employees who are members of Trade Unions.

Our Board of Directors, who approve the overall budgets and pay of employees, are appointed by the Democratic Body (who are elected tenant and employee member representatives), and this body balance the needs of tenants, including lower rents, and better terms and conditions for employees.

Every year since I joined Merthyr Valleys Homes in 2012, my pay has been linked to the pay awarded through this process. Some years the pay rise is the same across every pay grade, in other years the pay rise for low paid employees has been higher than that awarded to higher paid employees like me.  As the Trade Unions rightly say “The amount you take home on your salary is a lot more when the pay goes up by 2% than it is for the employees on lower pay bands”.  This is balanced against the need to retain senior staff.

For new jobs, we benchmark pay against other similar jobs in the market and take a median positon. That balances our goal to be a good employer with a recognition that we work in Merthyr Tydfil where pay is generally some of the lowest in the UK. My pay in the attached review is in the median band on overall pay and pay per unit.

Finally, there is one thing I must add, there has never been a special deal for executive level employees, including myself, and there are no additional perks linked to the executive pay offer at Merthyr Valleys Homes. We believe in pay transparency and support the publication of this data.”


The Pay Transparency Report is available on CHC’s website – click here to view the report.