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Over the next few days, many of us will be celebrating Bonfire Night. Whilst we know the large majority of people celebrate it safely and responsibly, we just wanted to remind everyone that we do not allow any bonfires to be built or burnt on our open land – this is illegal.


The bonfires lit in the past have been used to fly-tip and burn materials that are not appropriate; including gas canisters, settees and mattresses. Not only are these bonfires extremely dangerous, they have a negative effect on the environment and are extremely costly for us to clear.  The burnt remains frequently contain toxic waste and are dangerous and expensive to remove.  It can cost us thousands of pounds clearing areas – money that we would have much preferred to spend in other areas than cleaning up rubbish.


We want to make sure everyone stays safe on bonfire night and will be monitoring open plan areas this year to make sure no bonfires are being built on our land.  If people have an illegal bonfire we will be encouraging Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council to prosecute for fly tipping and we will seek costs to clear up against the organisers. We will also consider taking other action if we believe our tenancies have been broken.


So please enjoy your celebrations safely and follow the advice of the Fire and Rescue Service who advise people to attend organised bonfire displays.


If you have any concerns about fly-tipping or bonfires in your area, please contact our Anti Social behaviour hotline confidentially on 01685 727888 or directly to us on 0800 0857843.