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Creating pride in the communities we live in

YFory corporate theme Action, Measure or activity Type Source Period Target Progress or Performance Progress year to date Assurance Owner Regulation Standard Evidence
We will improve all the open plan green areas on our estates and the overall look of our estates We will ensure all ground maintenance work has been undertaken and satisfaction remains high New Task Annual 85% The STAR survey was completed between August and October 2017 with the final report completed on 5.12.17. We scored 72%, against the benchmark median for this service was 70%, which puts us in the second quartile. Achieved External survey Vic Slade 2 STAR Survey results
We will resolve 60% of flytipping cases through informal intervention New Task Annual 60% 65% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 CRM reports.  HP 17/04/18
To keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy we will carry out weekly litter picking patrols New Task Weekly Achieve Environmental Team undertake daily inspections and weekly litter picking patrols supplemented summer winter months by Grounds Maintenance Team.hotsopt areas targeted around communal areas shops etc Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Flymapper Reports and Housemark App
To encourage people to take responsibility for managing refuse and recycling we will hold four community events New Task Annual Achieve Joint Partnership Event with MTCBC in Caedraw; Community Clean Up Days in Trelewis and Gurnos; Goitre/2nd Ave  major clear up project waste land completed Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Photographic Evidence, reports and tenant consultations
To encourage people to keep our community free from rubbish we will take and win two prosecutions for fly-tipping New Task Annual Achieve In 2017/18 one case has been referred to MTCBC for potential prosecution.  All other cases resolved by early intervention so prosecutions not taken to date.No update here early intervention and clear rates being achieved by this intervention Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Flymapper Reports, Housemark App, CRM Flytipping reports, KPIs.  HP 17/04/18
That more than 86% of our tenants will view their neighbourhood as a good place to live Existing Target Annual Achieve The STAR survey was completed between August and October 2017 with the final report completed on 5.12.17.  We scored 86%, against the Housemark benchmark median for this service was 85%, which puts us in the second quartile. Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 STAR Survey results
All tenants living in homes with open plan gardens will have the opportunity to enclose their garden Existing Task One off NA Garden scheme went ‘live’ on our website in August 2017 – three applications to date Achieved Information on website Mike Owen 2 Application / scheme is on website
We will proactively enclose 100 gardens within the year New Task Annual 100 12 Exceptional Reporting Vic Slade 5 Published component figures by Finance Team/EFY Report. Additional resources have been placed into this team and we are on target to complete 15 in Heol llwyn Gollen by 31 March 2018. UPDATE: 12 complete, 3 carried over into new financial year, spec changed to include works carried out on paving and front gardens
590 homes will be painted each year New Task Annual Achieve 311 Exceptional Reporting Vic Slade 2 Published component figures by Finance Team/EFY Report. The target of 590 will not be met nor budgeted for. 244 completed by Sub Contractor to year end. 64 completed by PST – Total 311 completed for 2017 – 2018 year. Consider if 590 is a realistic target based on capacity and business plan. VC 16/04/18
We will improve the average SAP rating year on year New Task Annual >69 71 Achieved 31st of March report Vic Slade 10 Implementation of Barcud SAP Advisory recommendations (EMT sign off report with recalculated data, February 2018)
100% of homes will continue to comply with the WHQS Existing Task Annual 100% Delivery as per approved programmes/budgets on component replacement Achieved Vic Slade 10 Compliance maintained as per WG Annual Return (August 2017)
We will treat the most energy inefficient properties as a priority by bringing 30 properties with low SAP ratings up to a SAP of 65 New Task Annual 32 Achieved Vic Slade 2 Using our current SAP information and also the thermal imagining we will target the worst properties to make the greatest impact.    We have brought 32 properties above 65 as part of the EWI works. 8 properties In Plantation, 14 properties in Penybryn, 11 properties in Dan y Coed. VC 08/02/18  Evidence reported from Keystone
All homes at all times will have a valid landlords gas safety record Existing Target Quarterly Achieve 100% Achieved Report to Board Mike Owen 2 Monthly compliance reports
We will spend Ł290,000 managing and removing asbestos New Task Annual Achieve Ł252.000 Exceptional Reporting Internal Audit Vic Slade 2 Completed works and consignments notes We spent Ł252.4k year to date
An internal Audit will take place of all areas of compliance New Task One off Substantial assurance Completed Achieved Internal Audit Vic Slade 7 Refer to Monthly KPI Reporting and Barcud Audit ReportsInternal audits have been completed for the following areas (levels of assurance are noted): Slips, Trips and Falls Compliance (Feb 17, reasonable); Statutory Servicing (May 2017, substantial); SAP review (8 recommendations, all completed at January 2018). The audit programme for compliance has been completed as per Barcud’s 2017/18 schedule
We will remain the anchor investor and will encourage inward investment We will complete the building of a new head office in Gellideg Existing Task One off Achieve The build is currently behind schedule, however it will be complete by May 4 2018. Exceptional Reporting Mike Owen 5 Data not entered
We will not dispose of our assets to the market without discussion with the Board and Democratic Body New Task One off Full compliance on-going through Management Accounts and Options appraisals Achieved Lorraine Oates 10 Q1-Q3 Management Accounts
We will retain all the national shopping chains within our leased community shops New Task Annual Full compliance 100% Achieved Vic Slade 10 No termination of leases of national shopping chains
We will improve the percentage of properties that are accepted on the first offer Existing Target Quarterly > 80% 87% Achieved Vic Slade 5 Lettings lists identifying how many times properties are offered
We will build for sale three properties designed, built and manufactured in Wales Existing Task One off Achieve Plans have been submitted and properties will be completed in 2018/19 Exceptional Reporting Mike Owen 10 Outline planning submitted
The turnover rate for our homes will reduce Existing Target Annual <6% 6.65% Exceptional Reporting Vic Slade 6 Capita reporting for properties becoming void
We will to provide the greatest opportunity for our community We will continue to support three community facilities in key areas- Treharris Community Centre- Forsythia Youth Club- Gellideg Wellbeing Centre New Task Annual Full compliance We have continued the support for these three centres. New satff member appointed for Trelewis. Additonal resources agreed for Forsythia and Gellideg Achieved Mike Owen 5 & 10 Self Assessment is a suite of documents including Annual Report, Financial Statements, Compliance Statement, Report to Members VFM Statement available on website
We will continue to provide digital services free of charge to 150 households New Task Annual Full compliance 146 Achieved Vic Slade 5 No new installs since Summer 2017; see Board report July 2017
We will monitor and report the amount of money we spend through local social enterprises New Task Annual Achieve > Ł150,000 Spend with social enterprises in 2017/18 is Ł195,188. Achieved Financial statement Lorraine Oates 5 Q3 Management Acccounts
We will offer employment and apprenticeships through our organisation and through procurement New Task Annual 300% We have created a Trainee Plumber and a Trainee Bricklayer position through our existing establishment and through the Apprentice Scheme. In 2017/18, we appointed 3 apprentices to permanent posts. Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Establishment changes
We will spend more than Ł12m in the Merthyr Tydfil economy New Task Annual > Ł12m 2017-18 – Ł9.277m spent in Merthyr at end of Q3 with a further Ł3.354m spent in Wales. On schedule Financial statement Lorraine Oates 5 VFM Statement  and Financial Statements
We want all the members of our community to feel valued safe and supported At least 50% of RISE visits will result in referrals to education, training or work placements New Task Annual Achieve 52.20% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 RISE Database
We will aim for at least 15 RISE referrals to have successful outcomes New Task Annual Achieve 43 referrals with successful outcomes Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 RISE Database
40% of eligible tenants will have RISE visits within four months of tenancy start date New Task Annual Achieve 54.20% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 RISE Database – 54.2% of all eligible tenants visited within 4 months of tenancy start.  Note – due to staff shortage, since September we have not automatically visit tenants.  Instead we ask AHO’s/SP to identify those who need a visit and write to tenants who have been in their properties for 3 months to advice of the support available and invite them to contact us to book an appointment.  Between November and January there were no requests for support, therefore the figures remain the same as last quarter.Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator now in post and calls to tenants (by phone) will resume in February) – Automatic Rise visits resumed in March 2018 with 12 visits carried out since.
We will work with other agencies to introduce a befriending service in all six of our sheltered schemes to combat loneliness and social exclusion New Task Annual Achieve 100% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Merthyr & The Valleys Mind, Drink Wise Age Well & Community Coordinators are some of the groups introduced to alleviate isolation & loneliness.  We have also introduced a range of health & wellbeing events within our schemes to encourgae participation, stronger ties to the community in order to promote social belonging. We organised a Community Wellbeing Day promoting the importance of health and wellbeing and the services to help tenants in achieving positive mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. introducing tenants to Valleys Steps Mindfulness, healthy cooking on a budget, Falls awareness & slipper swap, Alcohol dependency & loneliness, etc.
We will achieve > 80% of our Supporting People outcomes Exisitng Task Annual Achieve 91% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Supporting people outcomes report 1st July 2017 to 31st December 2017
We will achieve delivery of 100% of our funded supporting people hours New Task Annual 7,488 hours for 2017/18 100% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Supporting People verification returns 1st January to 31st March 2018
We will expect an increase in near-miss incidents being reported as employees are actively encouraged to report Existing Task Quarterly >20 Not yet meeting the >20 target per quarter. On schedule Health and Safety Committee Mike Owen 7 As per monthly KPI reporting. Hazard spots from PST Supervisors are not yet part of this reporting system. Planned to be part of next CRM phase. Additional training undertaken with PST chargehands, supervisors, managers and safety reps in Dec 17. Linking systems in CRM phase 2 will improve this significantly. DH 09.02.18
Where we become aware of Domestic Abuse we will make a referral to victim support within 24 hours Exisiting Task Annual Achieve Q1 – Q4 inclusive – No domestic abuse cases have been reported. Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 CRM report.  HP 17/04/18
Where victim support agrees to provide target hardening, it will be sent out on the same day Exisiting Task Annual Achieve Q1 – Q4 inclusive – No DV cases reported Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 CRM report.  HP 17/04/18
We will complete 500 individual welfare and benefit advice sessions for tenants who are in need of financial advice Exisiting Task Annual 500 532 carried out On schedule Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Log kept by the Income team
We will develop an assessment and referral system which takes account of adverse childhood experiences Existing Task Annual Achieve Community Wellbeing Team Leader, Customer Services Manager & Project Officers are working towards implementing ACEs & PIE (psychologically informed environments) awareness sessions for all staff at various levels to drive forward delivery on this key priority area. On schedule Report to Board Vic Slade 5 PATH (Prevention.ACEs.Trauma Informed.Homelessness) training completed by various staff.   Training programme to be arranged for all staff at different levels.  Also working with other organisations such as the ACEs Hub to introduce a ‘Merthyr Matters’ programme to encourage all partners to work towards a trauma informed approach.
We will complete 100% of scheduled welfare visits on time Existing Task Annual Achieve 100% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Report from Capita – Q1 – Q4 inclusive – 100% were scheduled for completion but repeated no access on 18.58% received. Tenancy breach cases were raised following 3 no access for each property. Because 1st appointments were made within timescale achieved 100%
80% of tenancy breaches identified will be resolved in the year by informal action Existing Task Annual 80% 85% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Report from Capita – Q1 – Q4 inclusive
We will work with other agencies to reduce the levels of reported incidents in our ‘top 3’ categories for ASB and nuisance New Task Annual Achieve Q1-Q4 inclusive – the top three categories were noise nuisance (79), fly tipping (47) and verbal abuse (9).  Attend partner agency meetings to address issues.Case numbers for flytipping recorded by ASB tEAM EnvrIROMENTAL Team are tackling cases by early interventions s and perpertrator identification evidence based Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 KPI Report – Q1 – Q4 inclusive. HP 17/04/18
We will take ASB complaints and successfully close them within 90 days (complex cases that require multi agency approach may take longer) New Task Annual Achieve Average time to close cases Q1 – Q4 inclusive was 38 days Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Report from CRM – Q1 – Q4 inclusive.  HP 17/04/18
We will resolve > 85% cases through early, informal intervention New Task Annual >85% 80% Exceptional Reporting Report to Board Vic Slade 5 80% of ASB cases closed were as a result of early intervention, with 8% requiring enforcement action. The remaining 12% were resolved by other intervention methods.  HP 17/04/18
There will be 0 reportable H&S Incidents Existing Task Annual Achieve 2x RIDDOR reportable diseases (HAVS) in December 17. These appear related to pre-MVH employments. No HSE action to date. DH 09.02.18 Exceptional Reporting Health and Safety Committee Mike Owen 7 As per monthly KPI reporting.
We will provide a housing solution for young people We will test a short term housing solution for two young people Existing Task One off Achieve Modular Homes in Glazier Road – Letter sent to residents to vacate by 1st November to allow demolition of garages and siting of homes. Planning permission granted and aiming to be on-site by end March 2018. Exceptional Reporting Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Data not entered
We will consult on rent changes to support the needs of under 35 tenants New Task One off Achieve Joint Board and Democratic Body Away Day in October 2017 . LHA announcement in Novemebr 2017 removed this as a major risk. Progressing with 2 modular homes aimed at under 35s to be charged rent at shared accommodation rate and we are moving to living rent from 1st April 2018 which should help tenants living in smaller accommodation. Achieved Report to Board Lorraine Oates 2 Q1-Q3 Management Accounts; New Build Board reports and Rent Setting Report January 2018
Increase the percentage of tenants who we have profiled information of their needs Existing Target Annual >95% 98% Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 Data not entered
We will build the type of houses our community needs We will consider the needs of the existing housing when considering the building of new housing Existing Task As projects arise Achieve Thomas Street assessment of refurbish or demolish and rebuild based on needs assessment of tenants Achieved Report to Board Vic Slade 5 New Build Working Group