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Democratic Body

The Democratic Body is made up of eleven tenant representatives, eight employee representatives and two local authority representatives. The Democratic Body are there to represent the Members and make key decisions on vital services, such as:

  • Supporting the development of the business plan.
  • The approval of the Corporate Strategy (this is the values and plan that Merthyr Valleys Homes will work to).
  • Reviewing vital services that tenants receive.
  • Getting involved in reviewing future rent setting.
  • Approving future appointments of Non-Executive Directors and the Chief Executive.
    Tenant Representatives Employee Representatives
    Nigel Phillips-Gunter (Vice Chair)

    Fran Bevan

    Gaynor Bradley

    Marlene Burns

    Vivien Evans

    Joan Marshall

    Olga Thomas

    Paula Hammer

    Paul Franklin

    Annette Longbottam

    Tracey Powell


    Natalie Warner Chair)

    Alex Bartlett

    Julie McCarthy

    Kristian Cole

    Mark Davies

    Kirsty Beattie

    Ceri Price

    Stephen Puddy




Meeting Minutes

Minutes 22.11.2018 

Minutes 10.01.2019

Minutes 21.02.2019

Future Dates


21 February 2019 at 10.30am

09 May 2019 at 10.30am

11 July 2019 at 10.30am


Democratic Body Postition FAQ

FAQ’s – Democratic Body

    • What is the Democratic Body?
    • The Democratic Body is a group of 11 tenants, 8 employees and 2 representatives from Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. The tenant members elect the tenants and the employees elect employees, the council tell MVH every year who the council representatives will be.
  • Do you have to be a member to be on the Democratic Body?  


    • Yes, all tenants and employees have to be a member to serve on the Democratic Body. You also need to be a member to be able to vote others on to the Democratic Body.
  • Why does the group exist? 


    • When MVH changed over to a housing mutual (May 2016) the Democratic Body was created to give tenants and employees more control over the running of the organisation. The Democratic Body work with the Board and the Executive Management Team and are there to represent the members of MVH by influencing decisions that affect both tenants and employees.
  • How does the Democratic Body influence? 


    • The group have interviewed and elected Board members, been involved in setting tenants’ rent, influenced our capital programme, written our corporate strategy called ‘Yfory’, been involved in reviewing budgets and interviewing Senior Manager positions.
  • Why are there vacancies?    


    • Last year all members of the Democratic Body were elected at the same time, and tenant and employee reps have a set term of office of 3 years. For the first few years we have to stagger the retirement of the representatives. There are a few reasons this has to happen, for example, each member of the Democratic Body is given training to learn about all aspects of MVH’s services and also wider impacts that we sometimes have no control over, for example, Welfare Reform.  The Democratic Body Members also need to make key decisions and appointments on behalf of the members and therefore need to have the knowledge and experience to do so.  If we did not have this staggered process we would end up with all members having to stand down at the same time and end up with a Democratic Body made up of brand new tenant and employee representatives.  With the staggered process there is a continuation of skills and experience and new members are able to learn from both the training programme and the experience of other Democratic Body members. Those tenants and employees are able to put themselves back up for re-election alongside other tenants and employees that would also like to stand
  • I don’t have much experience, will I get support?  


    • Yes, all members on the Democratic Body are offered training in various areas, for example, housing management, IT, and finance. You will also have the option of attending conferences to help you gain more experience.
  • How much time will I have to commit to? 


    • The meetings take place normally every six – eight weeks and last for about two hours; currently the meetings are held on a Thursday morning at 10.30am (this may change in the future).
  • Do I get my time back?  


    • All employees who are on the Democratic Body get their time accredited.
  • Am I able to stand down if I needed to?  We hope this information has answered any questions you may have had, if however you still have any questions here is how to get in touch contact Zoe your Membership Involvement Officer on 01685 727786.


  • If for whatever reason you found yourself unable to continue then you would need to formally resign and your position would either go to the next person with the highest votes or would go back out to an election.