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Together we’re Stronger 

By offering tenants and employees the choice to become a Member, we have given the control over the future of the organisation to tenants and employees. Membership gives tenants and employees control over decisions that affect them, their home, their job and the local community.

Membership is what makes us different!

We want our Members to become involved in some way. We understand that our Members will have other commitments, so we have established a range of ways in which Members can become involved and have their say.


Who can become a Member?

Membership doesn’t cost anything – it’s free!

Tenant Member

Membership is open to our tenants and anyone living in a tenants’ home, providing they are over the age of 16, and are living there as part of the tenants’ household.

Becoming a Member will not affect their tenancy in any way.

Employee Member

Membership is open to all employees of MVH, providing they have passed their probationary period.

Becoming a Member will not affect their contract of employment in any way.

Associate Membership

Some leaseholders and not for profit organisations in Merthyr Tydfil may be able to become an Associate Member – please contact us


Ways to get Involved

We have lots of different ways in which you can get involved – there is something to suit everyone. We would like you to make your membership meaningful by participating in some way and having your say, but how involved you become is down to you.

If you have just a few minutes to spare, you can complete a questionnaire, or take part in a survey. If you have a little more time then maybe you could get involved in a community project. You could also join a forum or a panel, or even become a representative on the Democratic Body.

As a Member, every year you will be invited to our Annual Members Meeting where you will be able to exercise your vote, voting on items, such as electing your Democratic Body representatives and approving the Annual Report and Accounts. In addition to the business side of the meeting we aim to make our Annual Members Meeting a fun worthwhile event for all.


Membership Promise

The success of our mutual lies in the hands of all the Members of MVH.

When you sign up we ask that you commit to our membership promise:
“As a member I promise to engage with Merthyr Valleys Homes, and to promote and support the mutual to the best of my ability. In return Merthyr Valleys Homes promises to give members greater influence over key decisions and to provide a benefits package with a range of discounts that benefit the local community’.


Membership Strategy

Our Democratic Body have developed a Membership Strategy which supports our development as a mutual organisation.

There are four aims to the strategy that look at growing membership, how we will communicate with members, how we will encourage Members to be involved and finally how Members can benefit.


Membership Benefits Scheme

MVH has always been committed to supporting and promoting local organisations, we will continue to do this through membership. As a thank you for your involvement we have put together a membership benefits scheme, this is an exclusive scheme available only to the Members of MVH.

View the full list of membership offers/incentives
We are always open to suggestions that our members have regarding our membership rewards scheme. If there are any businesses you would like to see on this scheme, or if you have your own business and would like to come on board then please get in touch.



Sign up now

There are three ways you can sign up;
1. Contacting our Membership and Involvement Officer on 01685 727786 or emailing
2. Downloading our application form and email it to
3. Popping into our Head Office and asking for an application form. Don’t know where to find us? Visit our contact us page

When we have approved your application, we will send you out a membership pack that will contain your Share Certificate, some information about membership and your MVH membership card.

If you are looking for a home please visit our Looking for a Home page.