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Merthyr Housing Choice

The way you bid for properties has changed.

If you would like to bid for one of our properties, you will need to use a service called Merthyr Housing Choice, which has lots of information and advice about renting affordable accommodation in Merthyr Tydfil.


How does it work?


Step 1 – Appointment

Applicants can join Merthyr Housing Choice by completing an application form, available from Merthyr Tydfil County Borough. You will then need to book an appointment with the Housing Solutions Team which can be booked by visiting the civic centre. If you are unable to visit the Civic centre please telephone the Housing Solutions team on 01685 725452.

You will need to bring with you all required supporting evidence and information, such as proof of identity and where you are currently living. You may also be asked to provide medical evidence, proof of equity including savings, access arrangements in terms of children and current or previous landlord references.


Step 2 – Register

Once a housing options interview has been booked, a member of their housing solutions team will work through your Housing Choice application with you and provide a comprehensive range of the housing options available to you.

You will need this valid registration number to bid on properties along with your banding priority.

Your housing need is assessed based on your personal circumstances you will be placed in one of the following bands:

Emergency band – Urgent housing needed.

Diamond band – Housing Association tenants looking to downsize to a smaller property if affected by the bedroom tax.

Gold band – High housing need

Silver band – Medium housing need (including silver plus)

Bronze band – Low housing need

Step 3 – Start bidding

All properties will be advertised on a weekly basis on Merthyr Housing Choice website. New properties will be advertised every Wednesday at 12pm noon.

You can bid for properties by:

1. Telephone: 0800 028 2033 and follow the instructions that you are given

2. Online: Visit the Merthyr Housing Choice website login with your registration number and date of birth and bid for your chosen property/properties.

Any bids received after the deadline date has passed will be disregarded. Home-seekers can bid for an unlimited number of properties per advertising cycle (weekly)

Only one bid is permitted per property.

The bidding process will open and close at the following times:


Bidding Process                Advert Opens                                    Advert Closes

Online                                 12.00pm  (12.00) Wednesday           11.59am (11:59) Wednesday

Telephone                          12.00pm (12.00) Wednesday            11.59am (11:59) Wednesday

Step 4 -Sit back and wait

Once your bid is received, preference is decided by the applicant’s banding, by matching family size to property size and by the length of time the applicant has been registered.

The length of time you wait will be determined by the band that you are placed in, your family size, and the area that you want to live in.

If your application is successful, you will receive a visit from a Merthyr Valleys Homes Housing Officer to check your circumstances. You will then receive a formal offer in writing.

If you would like further information please contact our Allocations Team on 0800 085 7843.

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Who to contact:

Merthyr Housing Choice:
0800 028 2033

Housing Solutions Team:
01685 350252

Our Allocations Team:
0800 085 7843