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Being proud of the organisation we own and work for

YFory corporate theme Action, Measure or activity Type Source Period Target Progress or Performance Progress year to date Assurance Owner Regulation Standard Evidence
We are a mutual and will work together to achieve our aims and we will live the coop mutual principles in the way we operate: Voluntary and Open Membership; Democratic Member Control; Member Economic Participation; Autonomy and Independence; Education, Training and Information; Co-operation amongst Co-operatives and Concern for Community To conduct a self assessment of progress and performance Existing Task Annual Jun-17 Self Assessment completed in September 2017.  The WG Regulators also gave their judgement of standard on the self assessment Achieved Report to Board and Democratic Body Mike Owen 1 Membership Strategy and Register
We will carry out a staff and tenant survey Existing Staff survey and Star Survey Annual Mar-18 Tenant survey was carried out in August – October 2017. Staff survey scheduled to be completed by year end On schedule Report to Board Mike Owen 5 Membership Strategy
We will carry out a member survey that will include specific questions about working and living in a mutual Existing, target Member survey Annual Mar-18 A mutual question was included in the STAR survey Achieved Report to Members Mike Owen 5 Reported to Board in Jan 2018
We will undertake an internal audit to test whether the governance structure has appropriate strategic planning in place to meet the risks within the organisation Existing Task One off Reasonable assurance Internal Audit gave a report of substantial assurance Achieved Audit Committee Lorraine Oates 1 Reported to Audit Committee 7 November 2017
We will strive to maintain employee membership at 95% New Task Annual 95% currently 88% as of 31/03/18 Exceptional Reporting Report to Members Mike Owen 1 Open advertisments / Appointments made
We will increase our total membership by 10%, year on year, for three years Existing Membership Strategy Annual Achieve we have increased total membership by 17% in 2017/2018 Achieved Report to Democratic Body Mike Owen 1 Open elections / Appointments made. Tenant members increased by staff members have increased
We will set the 2018/19 budget following detailed Star Chamber discussions Existing Task Annual Completed Star Chamber met on 23rd Feb 2018 and secured more than Ł500,000 savings Achieved Report to Board Lorraine Oates 2 Star Chamber session and Budget Report March 2018
We will co-design a new rent policy with tenants Existing Task One off Achieve Completed in January 2018 Achieved New Rent Setting Policy approved Lorraine Oates 2 Rent Setting Board report January 2018. Updated Rent Setting Policy to be approved.
We will monitor and understand our staff turnover Existing, context KPI Quarterly Turnover rate for the year was 10.35%, this is lower than 2016/17’s turnover rate of 15.75%. The reasons for leaving at exit interview have not raised any concerns. On schedule KPIs and Annual Report to Board Lorraine Oates 2 Report from HR Select system
We will continue to support the Taf Fechan Housing Co-operative and will offer to provide services that they can procure from us Existing Task Annual Achieve Support has continued through a dedicated member of staff Achieved Management agreement & minutes Mike Owen 6 Taf Fechan AGM 2018
We will reduce the % of days lost through sickness absence from 4.5% Existing, target KPI Quarterly Achieve Sickness during 2017/2018 was 3.83%, this is slightly higher than 2016/2017 (3.65%). Achieved KPIs and Annual Report to Board Lorraine Oates 2 Sickness KPIs
The Democratic Body will appoint Board members in line with the published selection criteria Existing Task Annual Achieve To date the Democratic Body have appointed 50% of the Board in line with the selection criteria On schedule Report to Members Mike Owen 2 DB Minutes
We will hold members elections for the Democratic Body in accordance with published election procedures Existing Task Annual Achieve Elections held in August/Sept 2017 in line with procedures, next election due July 2018 Achieved Report to Members Mike Owen 2 Board Statistics
We will record and publish attendence levels for Board and Democratic Board members Exisitng KPI Annual Achieve Will be discussing with Board and DB in Q4 2017/18 with a view to publishing figures from April 2018 onwards on website On schedule Report to Members Allison Soroko 2 Attendance Stats on Website and the Cwtch
We will ensure that tenant membership exceeds 1,000 New Task One off >1000 As of the 31st March 2018 we have 1003. Achieved Report to Members Mike Owen 1 Mmebers Regisiter
That all elected members feel free to comment on policies and strategies New Task One off Achieve Survey underway On schedule Report to Members Mike Owen 1 Data not entered
We will ensure that the gender pay gap does not exceed 3% New Target On going Achieve 3.1% in 2017/18 – infavour of female staff. We will report to Board in June 2018 – our new salary bandings mitigate any equal pay risk Exceptional Reporting Board Report Lorraine Oates 5 2017/18 HR Update and VFM Statement
We will meet our target for a gender balance of 50% of Non executive directors on our Board New Target On going Achieve Review of board member returns Achieved Report to Members Mike Owen 7 Reported to Welsh Government annually
All elections will take place through a secret ballot New Task On going Achieve Tenant and employee elections in 2018 will be managed by an external provider Achieved Report to Members Mike Owen 1 Data not entered
We will have a skilled and trained workforce That > 1.5% of the salary budget will be targeted at training of all our employees New Task Annual Achieve Budget not set until March 2018 On schedule Financial report to Board Mike Owen 2 Report from HR system
We will develop and implement a reward system which reflects attainment of role specific skills New Task Annual Achieve A new reward-based system was voted on by Trade Union members and implemented in December 2017 Achieved Budget Report to Board Mike Owen N/A Pay reward system voted on by staff and individual letters sent to every employee
We will use technology to build better services and stronger relations We will nudge people towards digital interaction and start with 100% of garden enclosure applications being dealt with digitally New KPI Quarterly Achieve Garden scheme was successfully implemented as a digital process Achieved Report to Board Mike Owen 6 Appraislas undertaken
We will take more than Ł43,000 in rent money through our call centre New Task Quarterly Achieve Ł576,257.32 combined cash and worldpay Achieved Financial report to Board Vic Slade 6 Cash is recorded manually and worlpday is reported weekly for card payments.
We will Increase our page ‘likes’ to 1,000 New Task Annual Achieve Currently 819 ‘likes’ (at 31/03/18) Exceptional reporting Report to Board Allison Soroko 2 Facebook statistics – Quarterly report
We will Increase our Facebook ‘reach’ to an average of > 1,000 per week New Task Annual Achieve Currently achieving this target Achieved Report to Board Allison Soroko 2 Facebook statistics – Quarterly report
We will complete the installation of the new CRM system New Task Annual Achieve One module – Responsive Repairs in last stages of development and testing with go-live planned on 23rd April 2018. More modules which currently sit outside Capita will be developed in 2018/19 On schedule Report to Board Lorraine Oates 6 CRM Updates to the Board  and CRM Porject Board reports (fortnightly)
Reduce the number of incoming calls as our service gets better and people switch to digital Existing Task Annual Achieve Calls received in 2016 40,645 and in 2017 45,421 .  Increase of 4,776.Call numbers have varied throughout the year, with a maximum of 4,552 (October) and a minimum of 3,121 (May). The higher numbers corresponded to several factors.  Fair Processing Notices – Rental Exchange, Extreme Weather conditions especially in March 2018. Exceptional Reporting Report to Board Vic Slade 6 Reported through CCM reports weekly/monthly
We will remain a major employer in the borough setting standards and encouraging others to adopt the highest standard Our workforce establishment will remain at 179 full time equivalent employees Existing Task Annual Achieve Our workforce establishment on the 01/02/2018 was 178.35 as two posts requested reduced hours to part time. On schedule Mike Owen 5 Issue on website and the Cwtch
We will continue to honour the trade union recognition agreement Existing Task On going Achieve Trade Union Recognition agreement remains in place Achieved Joint Trade Union Meeting Mike Owen 6 Ballots held during December 2017 are proof of the recognition agreement’s strength
We will measure the attractiveness of job offers and seek on average more than 10 applicants for every job advertsied New Task On going Acheive monitoring is in place – report due June 2018 On schedule Report to Board Lorraine Oates 6 Not yet available
We will offer 10 training and work placements within MVH New Task On going Achieve We provided 16 work placements during the year Achieved Report to Board Lorraine Oates 5 To be reported in June 2018 – Annual HR Update
We will employ three construction apprentices Existing Task Annual Achieve Appointed Matthew Price and Lindsey Mochan Achieved Financial report to Board Vic Slade 5 Performance Management Framework. Both new staff members are performing well.
We will continue to pay the living wage to all employees New Task Annual Achieve Achieved – the new salary bandings allow us to pay staff more than the liviing wage in line with length of service Achieved Report to Board Lorraine Oates 5 Salary bandings and Living Wage Accreditation
We will measure then monitor the number of suppliers and contractors we work with who pay the living wage New Task Annual Achieve achieved Achieved Report to Board Lorraine Oates 5 Living Wage Accreditation