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Welsh Government Housing Regulation,
Regulatory Judgement  – December 2018

Merthyr Valleys Homes, as a Registered Social Landlord in Wales, is regulated by the Welsh Government. The Welsh Government’s approach is guided by a Regulatory Framework, which is underpinned by their commitment to put tenants at the heart of regulation.

The old HARA has now evolved into a new Self Evaluation, where all Housing Associations are expected to carry out an assessment – evaluating their performance on service delivery, governance and finance, along with detailing areas for improvement.

Read the Welsh Government’s Housing Regulation Regulatory Judgement of Merthyr Valleys Homes  (December 2018).

Financial Viability Judgement

The Welsh Government produces an annual Financial Viability Judgement report for each Housing Association. The report sets out whether we have adequate financial resources to meet the current and future business and financial commitments. The categories of judgement are:

  • Pass
  • Pass with closer monitoring
  • Fail

In February 2016 we achieved a pass. Our Financial Viability Judgements are available to download above.