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Sheltered Housing

Making the move

As people get older they may start thinking about where they live and how they will be able to manage in their current home in the future.

One option is to consider a move into sheltered housing which is available for people who may require some form of tenancy support, whilst maintaining their independence.

Why choose Sheltered Housing?

This is a type of housing available to people over 50 years of age, who want to live independently whilst having the added security of help and assistance available all day, every day.

Each scheme has a Manager, some of whom live on site and are there specifically for the needs of the residents. Each scheme has a communal area, where a wide range of events are run for the enjoyment of tenants.

lnterested in living in one of our Sheltered Schemes? Want more information?

Contact us on either 01685 727772 or 0800 085 7843 and we’ll be more than happy to help or visit the Merthyr Housing Choice website for available Sheltered Housing Accommodation.

Sheltered Housing Scheme in Caedraw