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There’s too much dog fouling and dog mess on our streets.

wedid-checkA letter was distributed to residents in a number of areas that outlined how incidents of dog fouling and animal nuisance could be reported and also advice for tenants.

We have gained the RSPCA’s Community Animal Welfare Footprints scheme (CAWF) bronze award,which is a recognition of the fact that we have clear and positive pets policies, useful information for tenants, clear enforcement and good partnership working.  In addition, our tenancy agreement allows us to take appropriate action to deal with tenants who do not control their pets.

Noise levels are a key issue in our area with too many people beeping their horns and revving their engines.

wedid-checkWe have noise monitoring equipment, which will enable us to prove noise nuisance quickly.

Tenants were either verbally advised (if they were at home), or provided with leaflets (if there was no answer) on how to report neighbourhood issues, and how we could help resolve them

What can you do about anti-social behaviour within our neighbourhood?

wedid-checkWe are currently part of the Chartered Institute of Housing ‘Working Together’ project, which we are using to review our anti social behaviour service (ASB).

We have a dedicated twenty four hour Anti Social Behaviour Hotline: 01685 727888 and messages can be left on this phone line outside of normal office hours.  All messages are checked on a daily basis.

All of the front line staff in the Contact Centre received anti social behaviour training during to ensure that there is a consistent approach, and to ensure that the correct questions are asked when tenants phone in.  The Area Housing Officers have also received detailed training in this area.