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Deeds Not Words


We are proud to have signed up to Tai Pawb’s Deeds Not Words Pledge and you will find some of the key actions we have committed to below:


  • Mitigating the impact of Covid 19 on Black and Minority Ethnic Colleagues and communities
  • Adopting the Rooney Rule in all our recruitment exercises.
  • Improving the ethnic diversity of our board and staff at all levels
  • Communicating and Engaging
  • Developing an Inclusive Culture


Recent events have highlighted to us the significant role and responsibility we have in addressing racism and discrimination which have become systemic in our society. While we have always championed equality, diversity and inclusion, our stats show us we need to do more. We have already begun to use positive action to target underrepresented groups and have adopted the Rooney Rule which ensures that all Black and Minority Ethnic Candidates who meet the essential criteria for any vacancy are guaranteed an interview.


We are also aware that Black and Minority Ethnic tenants are more likely to live in poorer housing conditions and experience overcrowding and we take our responsibility to mitigate this very seriously.  We know it is not enough to simply sign the pledge, we now must act. We are currently working on our action plan to ensure our aims are realistic, specific, and measurable and that we are held accountable. This plan will be made available here once complete “


Executive Leadership Team



You can read the full Deeds not Words Pledge to Action here