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Essential repairs service

We have switched to an essential repairs service to minimise contact and keep you safe in line with Government guidance. Essential repairs are those that are required to keep you safe and secure in your home with fully functioning kitchens and bathrooms. We will also continue with our landlord compliance checks during this period.


If you are unsure whether your repair is essential or not, please check with us by calling 0800 085 7843 / 01685 727772. Alternatively email us your contact information to and we will call you back.


What happens when you contact us?

  • When we speak to you will check that you are well and ask if you are in self isolation.
  • We will discuss your repair request and advise you whether or not it is essential. If it is we will make arrangements to attend. If it isn’t, we will record your repair and contact you at a later date to arrange a suitable appointment.
  • If you are self isolating we will only attend emergency repairs – these are repairs that are essential to protect your health and safety or to prevent serious damage to the property which may impact on the safety of you or others.
  • You will be advised to maintain safe social distancing of over two meters when we attend your home.


What will happen when we attend?

To ensure we protect you and our employees we will be following public health guidance:


  1. We will wash our hands prior to visiting you
  2. We will sanitise our hands as we arrive at your home.
  3. We will maintain social distancing of more than two meters, and will request that everyone in the household remains in a different room to that in which the repair is being completed
  4. We will sanitise all surfaces that we’ve come into contact with before we leave your home
  5. We will sanitise our hands as we leave your home, and will wash our hands before going to the next essential job.


Checking the works

If the works require a post-inspection, our inspectors will contact you directly and try to conduct as much of the inspection as possible over the phone. They may ask you a few questions to help them understand the works, and if you are able to take pictures and email them to us that would be very helpful – they may ask you to do so.


Each inspector will do everything they can to gather the information they need to prevent you having any further visits. However, if the inspector still needs to visit they will schedule a visit when we are able to do so.


Planned works

Planned work programmes such as kitchens, bathrooms, external works and major projects will recommence once we return to business as usual and we will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient for you.


If you have any further questions please get in touch.