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Fire Alarms

Fires not only damage the property but also personal belongings – some things are never replaceable such as photographs or a beloved pet. Merthyr Valleys Home and the Fire Brigade are working together targeting parts of the borough which are considered to be higher risk such as blocks of flats and locations where fires have occurred and caused substantial damage . If they visit your home take this opportunity to have a chat about fire safety and how to keep yourself and your family safe.

If you think you could benefit from some fire safety advice contact Merthyr Valleys Homes on 01685 727773 or visit the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service website on

Fire Safety in the home.


Did you know……

  • People living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a house fire than owner /occupiers.
  • Not having a working smoke alarm doubles your risk of being killed should a fire occur in your home.
  • Candles cause five times as many fires per day than other causes of domestic fires.

The Kitchen

With its electric-powered appliances, stove, oven and flammable cooking oil, the kitchen is one of the most fire-dangerous places in your home.  Most house fires originate in the kitchen.

The tips below can make your kitchen a safer place.

  • Don’t overload electrical outlets with multiple appliances.
  • Ensure your cooker checked annually by a qualified gassafe engineer, if it’s gas, and that all its connections are safe if it’s electric.
  • When cooking, reduce the chance of accidental spillage by turning saucepan handles towards the rear of the cooker.
  • Store matches where children can’t get at them.
  • Deep fat fryers- if on fire, DO NOT THROW WATER on to the burning oil – attempt to close the lid of the fryer or smother the fire with a damp cloth to restrict the oxygen.  Consider replacing your cooker top deep fat fryer with an electric one.

The Garage/ Shed/ Outhouse

The garage is perhaps the most overlooked place in the house when it comes to fire safety. All those cans of paint, petrol for the lawnmower, the BBQ gas cylinder, bottles of turps and methylated spirits.

If you want to make your garage safer make sure you store all flammable liquids in appropriate containers. If you have a heat source like a water heater in your garage, make sure your flammable items are kept well away from it.

Dispose of paint and oil-soaked rags immediately after use – don’t store them in a pile in the corner. Disconnect power tools when not in use and never start up petrol powered tools inside the garage.

Finally, consider having a fire extinguisher in the garage – a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm.


The living and sleeping areas.

Eliminate the possibility of electrical fires in the bedroom by turning off electric blankets, lights, heaters, TVs etc. at the wall when you’re not using them.

If you’re a smoker, please, be fire safe and don’t do it in bed.

Do not leave lit candles unattended.

In the living room, screen open fires and log burners. Make sure that you have your chimneys cleaned each year. Don’t leave embers and ashes smouldering in open fireplaces overnight.

Make sure heaters have at least a metre of clear space on all sides.

Regularly check that all electrical outlets and cords are safe and not loose or exposed.


Preventing fires in other areas

The bathroom, with its combination of water and electricity, poses another fire safety challenge. Turn off and unplug all electric appliances when not in use. Don’t allow towels or clothes to hang near heaters.

Wedging open fire doors and keeping mats and other belongings in communal areas can cause fires, promote fire spread, create trip hazards and put others at risk so please keep these areas free.

A smoke alarm is the cheapest way to save a life – so don’t remove any which are fitted in your home. If they are broken or missing please call Merthyr Valleys Homes.


Fire Risk Assessments

2 & 3 The Green              6 & 7 The Green

10 & 11 The Green        Adrian Stephens House

Attlee House               Buckland House

Cefn Isaf                        Forsythia

Glydwr House              Hywel House

Joseph Parry Court       Kemsley House

Maesygarreg Flats           Morlais Court

Pontsarn Flats                 Portal House 

St Tydfils Court               Sunnybank

Swn Yr Afon                     Taf Fechan

Trevethick House             Wilson Court




Test it Tuesday

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Make sure you give your alarm a test every Tuesday and NEVER remove any part of the unit as this alarm could save you and your families’ life in the event of a Fire.

If it is broken or damaged please contact Merthyr Valleys Homes and request it is repaired.