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Another service available to our tenants is called Home Swapper. This is a country wide mutual exchange service for tenants. Merthyr Valleys Homes are a Home swapper partner which means that as a tenant you can access the service for free, providing there are no rent arrears or you are downsizing.

HomeSwapper is the UK’s largest service helping people like you swap homes. If you live in a rented council or housing association house you can swap your home. It’s simple; they match tenants who want each other’s homes.

Homeswapper is easy…

  1. Log onto
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter details on your current home
  4. Enter details on the kind of home you’d like – including where you want to live
  5. Start searching for your new home!


How it works:

Once you have registered your property on HomeSwapper it will then match you with tenants whose requirements match the property you have.

When HomeSwapper finds you a match you will be informed by text or email. You can then log onto HomeSwapper, access your personal page and then view the homes you have been matched with.

Once you have found the property you want to swap with (we advise all HomeSwapper members to view a matched property and to satisfy themselves before moving) written permission must be obtained from your landlord who will complete all of the paperwork with you.

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