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Loft Insulation

We are still proactively looking to install loft top ups to properties. If you think your loft needs to be topped up to today’s standard, which is about 300mm, please contact us.


Exernal Wall Insulation


What is it?

A External Wall Insulation system (or EWI) is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior cladding procedure which involves the fitting of an insulating layer such as expanded mineral wool. The Insulator is then covered with a reinforced cement based, mineral or synthetic finish and then plastered and then finished.


Where we are Working?

Merthyr Valleys Homes are using a mix of funding and its own money to carry out the EWI works. Some capital money was reallocated from fencing, paths and walls after consultation with the resident participation forum in 2011 which allowed approximately £4m to be allocated over a 3 year period. Additional funding has been obtained from Arbed, CERT/CESP and now ECO government backed funding streams, this money is allocated to lower super output area (LSOA’s) these are deemed to be in the more socially deprived areas and Merthyr Valleys Homes have been successful in obtaining over £2.5m from these funding streams and this means that 136 properties in Gurnos, 15 in Aberfan, 193 in Caedraw, 31 in Bedlinog and Trelewis, 7 in Penydarren and 40 in Pant. In addition to this Merthyr Valleys Homes have also been successful in obtaining Arbed funding from Welsh Government and the delivery has been carried out by Melin Homes under the Arbed umbrella, are like the shingrig estate in Trelewis, and more recently in Penydarren. The Arbed team will be completing this work on the next phase over the coming months.


Enabling works

As part of the installation of external wall insulation system, the contractor will need to carry out a full survey of the property to identify any features, fixtures or issues that need to be addressed before the work starts. This could include removal of pipe work and repositioning of satellite dishes. These items will be re-fixed following the Installation.

The contractor will arrange for scaffolding to be erected and windows, door and other features to be protected.



The basic installations of external wall insulation system consist of a layer of thermal insulation being fixed to your property walls. To fix the insulation, the contractors will need to use an electric drill and may result in some noise being heard inside your property. The insulation is then coated with a base coat render and reinforcement mesh and left to dry for a minimum of 48 hrs, this may take longer in cold or wet weather. The final process is the application of the top finish coat, this needs to be done in dry weather conditions. Depending on the finish you have chosen, smooth render or spar, the drying time will vary.