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Moving Home

Whether your moving into one of our homes, moving out or moving to a different MVH home all the information you need is here.

Moving In

Moving home is an exciting but also stressful time; there is a lot to think about! Here at Merthyr Valleys Homes we want to make this process as easy as possible. In this section you can find information about handing your keys in, outstanding arrears, utility suppliers and who you need to contact. Hope this helps!

What you can expect

When you move into your home you can expect that it will be clean, safe and need no major repairs. Our re-let homes will all achieve a certain standard so you know what to expect in your home at the time you move in. We will provide you with a copy of the standard before you move in; which is also available here.

If you feel that your new home does not meet the standards described, call our Customer Services Team on 0800 085 7843.

You will also receive a visit from your Area Housing Officer within the first three weeks of your tenancy starting. This will help you to settle in and ensure any outstanding queries are answered.

Gas, electricity, water oil and LPG

When you sign up for your tenancy, your Area Housing officer will tell where to find:

  • The gas metre
  • The electricity metre
  • The water metre
  • The water stop cock

Before you move in you need to make sure that you have electricity and gas.

Arranging this is easy:

STEP 1: Find out who previously supplied the gas and/or electric to your property using the telephone numbers below

STEP 2: Once you have established who supplies the services to your property, telephone the company to give them your details and the meter readings. If there is a gas card or key metre it may take longer for you to set up your supplies. Remember you might be able to save money by switching energy suppliers.

If you do decide to switch make sure your new supplier is able to connect you before you move in.

STEP 3: Once all of the above has been completed, contact us and we will send out a gas fitter to remove the cap from the gas meter and complete the safety checks.

This vital check cannot be completed until the gas and electricity supply is connected.

If your property is fitted with gas or electricity meters you will need to make sure that you have credit on your meter card/ key before the gas safety check is arranged. If you do not have credit you may be recharged.

During the winter period any homes that are empty are normally drained down and the system needs to be refilled. Please do not attempt to use the central heating system or turn on the water until the gas safety check has been done, as this may cause flooding.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for this.


Central heating systems will be checked by a qualified engineer and tested during the time the home is empty to make sure they work safely and correctly. We do carry out another check when the home becomes tenanted, please ring us o n0800 085 7843 or 01685 727772 to arrange an appointment for a gas check to be done.  All our installations and appliances will be checked by gas engineers on the Gas Safety Register to make sure they are correctly fitted, safe to operate and meet current regulations. Please note that you are responsible for your own gas appliances, and should arrange for these to be serviced each year.

Who to notify you have moved home

There are lots of people you need to let know that you have moved home. The earlier you do this the better. This is a list of some of the most important people to tell about your move, which will help you keep a check of who you’ve told.

Financial Moving in Services Health Others
Bank or Building Society
Insurance companies
– Car
– Home
– Life
Credit cards
Rental/hir purchase
Pension companies
Your employer
Catalogue companies
Benefits Agency
The Council
Council Tax
– Landline
– Mobile
Satellite/internet services
TV Licensing
Driving and vehicle licensing
Home Carers
Health Visitors
Social Workers

Moving out
How to end your tenancy

Whatever your reason for wanting to move on we are here to help. If you want to end your tenancy you must:

  • Give us at least four weeks notice in writing – the notice must end on a Sunday
  • Give us vacant possession of your home and return all keys to us by midday on the Monday immediately after your notice period has ended. You will be responsible for the security of the property and payment of rent until all the keys are handed in.
  • Remove all furniture, possessions and rubbish from inside and outside of the property. We may charge you for the removal of anything you leave behind.
  • Leave your home in good repair, reasonable decorative order and in a clean condition (a charge may be made if you fail to do this)
  • Inform all suppliers (gas, electricity, water, phone) of your new address.
  • Provide the Council Tax section at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council with details of your new address.
  • Make sure your rent is paid up-to-date.

If you want to end a tenancy on behalf of a deceased tenant, please contact our Customer Services Team.

Moving on

If your home no longer meets your needs, for example if it has become too small or too big for you and your family, you may apply to transfer to another Merthyr Valleys Homes property.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council manages the common housing waiting list. When you apply, your housing needs will be assessed and you will be given a priority band. Properties will be advertised weekly on the Merthyr Housing Choice website.

Initially properties will be let to those whose needs best match the size and type of the advertised property, and then those whose registration date is the earliest.

For more details on transferring your home contact our Customer Services Team on: 0800 085 7843

You will also receive a pre-transfer inspection by your community housing officer and the voids supervisor to ensure the property meets the standards for you to move. If your property does not meet the standards (for example a damage door or poor garden conditions) then you might not be able to move to another Merthyr Valleys Homes property until the works have been carried out by yourself.