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Planned Improvement Works

2017 – 2018 Planned Improvement Programme

Our programme for 2017/18 is underway, and this is where we are carrying out our planned works. The representatives on our Democratic Body helped us to identify the priorities for the forthcoming year, and influenced our programme by deciding how the budget for the works should be allocated.


Carrying out improvements, undertaking repairs and ensuring that your homes are safe all remain high on our agenda, and our members have decided that these are our priorities.


The lists are not in priority order. Our Tenant Liaison Officers (TLO’s) will contact you beforehand to explain what works are to be carried out, and when. You will be given plenty of notice, and your TLO will be your point of contact whilst the works are being completed.

Kitchen, bathroom and electrical
Heol Y Castell, Pant
Rhodfa’r, Pant
Tai’r Twynau, Pant
Trevor Close, Pant

Ivor Street, Dowlais

Wern Isaf, Penywern

Windows and Doors
Canonbie Crescent, Aberfan
Dyffryn Fawr, Pentrebach
Rhydfach, Pentrebach
Cae’r Wern, Ynysfach
Penlan View, Ynysfach
Greenwood Close, Twynyrodyn
Haven Close, Troedyrhiw
Heol SO Davies, Georgetown
Llwyn Dic Penderyn, Georgetown
Pant Close, Pant
Rhydfach, Pentrebach
Davies Street, Penywern
Houlson Street, Penywern
Rees Street, Penywern
Wern Street, Penywern
First Avenue, Galon Uchaf
Second Avenue, Galon Uchaf
Third Avenue, Galon Uchaf
Fourth Avenue, Galon Uchaf
Fifth Avenue, Galon Uchaf
Alder Grove, Gurnos
Larch Close, Gurnos
Palm Road, Gurnos
Pine Close, Gurnos
Plane Grove, Gurnos
Nantycoed, Troedyrhiw
Trevor Close, Pant
For this programme we have not devised a street list. Work is being prioritised by system type. Firstly we are prioritising the older appliances such as ‘open flue’ back boilers. The secondary factor is based on the existing heating systems reliability, repairs history and the availability of replacement parts.

Our budget will allow for an upgrade of over 160 full new systems and a number of partial upgrades.

Welsh Housing Quality Standards – Our ongoing programmes

Merthyr Valleys Homes has met it’s transfer promises in terms of the number of kitchen and bathroom replacements but that doesn’t mean that we’re going stop these replacement programmes. We have a new WHQS Compliance Policy attached to this page, this was approved by our Democratic Body Policy Committee and our Board in October 2019.

In order to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) the planned programmes of works will continue. The programmes are identified from our asset management database. The information in the database has been obtained from lots of different places including repairs history and stock condition surveys carried out over the last few years. We use this information to anticipate the life of components i.e. your kitchen, bathroom etc. and use this to try to prioritise the replacements that may be required each year. When we review the potential programmes each year we arrange a survey of the properties on that list and check what is actually required to save any, potentially, unnecessary disruption. We will contact you when your home is due for a renewal and arrange to visit you.



A recently completed kitchen


If you live in one of the streets listed here we will be completing a scoping survey of your property.

This is a quick inspection of your property in which we identify the extent of the works required; when a survey is completed it does not mean you will definitely be receiving works.