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We aim to complete repairs quickly and efficiently. To help us to provide a good service, we need you to tell us as soon as there is a problem.

How to report a repair

– Fill in our online repair form to help us identify the problem.

– Give us a call on freephone 0800 085 7843 or 01685 727772.

– Call into the office.

In an emergency, please do not report the problem online but contact Freephone 0800 085 7843.

Repair timescales

We categorise repairs into three groups, depending on the type of work needed. We aim to complete the repairs within the following timescales;
Category 1: Emergencies to attend within 4 hours and complete same day.
Category 2: Urgent repairs to complete repair within 5 working days.
Category 3: Routine repairs to complete within 28 working days
Please note: non routine or external repairs cannot be given specific timescales.

Reporting a repair – out of hours.

You are still able to report a repair when the office is closed but we will only be able to attend emergency repairs. If your repair isn’t an emergency it will be logged by our call centre staff the next day.

Contact us on 0800 085 7843 or 01685 727772 to report a repair, however if there is a problem with this number please telephone 01685 385231.

When will we call out during out of hours?

  • Water in contact with electrical circuits or fitments
  • Structural damage where there is a risk of collapse
  • Rainwater ingress or plumbing leakage which will causesubstantial damage if not addressed immediately (and where the tenant cannot take temporary action)
  • Fire damage
  • Blocked toilet (and no other facility available)
  • Heating failure
  • No electrical power to any part of the premises (this will not therefore include the loss of one circuit or one or more light/socket fitting.)
  • Smoke and other alarms sounding
  • Doors and windows not capable of being secured against access
  • Lost keys which means that the tenant cannot gain access. We may charge for this call out.

Please note: If it is found that the disrepair has been exaggerated to get an out of hours call out, we will recharge the full cost of the call out.

Report a Repair

In an emergency, please do not report the problem online but contact Freephone 0800 085 7843.