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Supported Tenancy

Merthyr Valleys Homes provides tenancy support for the local area.  This service can be provided to our tenants and to tenants of other housing associations, private landlords and owner/occupiers.

The Tenancy Support Scheme is funded through the Welsh Assembly and co-ordinated via the ‘Single Access Point’ Supporting People team.

‘The ‘Single Access Point’ partnership involves the council, housing associations, advice and support agencies.

How can tenant support help you?

We can help with the following:

  • Budgeting and debt management
  • Claiming benefits and maximising income
  • Help to get counselling, mental health and drug/alcohol services
  • Help with accessing training/education and employment
  • Assistance with organising repairs to your home
  • Help to make sure your home is safe and secure
  • Help to deal with disagreements with neighbours and others
  • Help to improve life skills
  • Help to access professional help (Social services, GP etc.)
  • Help to build your confidence
  • Help for parents struggling to access childcare and related support in order to attend courses/work etc

How do I apply for tenancy support?

If you are known to any agency (such as Social Services, Shelter,Gofal, Adref) ask them to complete a ‘Single Access Point’ referral form with you.  If you are our tenant or that of another housing association, ask your housing officer to help you.  If you are not involved with anyone like this, please contact the ‘Single Access Point’ administrator on 01685 724690.

The ‘Single Access Point’  form asks for things such as:

  • your personal details
  • information about your housing circumstances
  • information about your support needs

Once the ‘Single Access Point’ Supporting People team have received your form, they will decide which agency may best suit your needs and with your agreement, pass on your details.  This agency will then contact you to complete an assessment, and if this is us, we aim to complete this within 5 working days.

Once accepted onto a support scheme, a personal support plan will be agreed with you.  Support can be provided for as long as you need or up to about 2 years.

All information provided is confidential and will only be shared with relevant people with your consent.

More information

For more information about the Supported People Programme visit the Supported People page on Merthyr Tydfil Council’s website.