Do you know your Universal Credit is changing?

The Government proposes to end the Universal Credit temporary uplift payment in September 2021.

Be prepared. Be Ready.

In May 2020 the Government increased your Universal Credit by £86.67 each month to provide financial support during the COVID pandemic.
You may not have noticed you have been getting this increase, it has been paid to everyone as part of your Standard Allowance.
Although the increase was extended in March 2021, the Government now propose to end the temporary uplift payment in September 2021.
You will have recently noticed a change to your Universal credit payment statement informing you have been getting an extra £86.67 per month.
Your Universal Credit payment statement now looks like this:

Standard allowance

You get a standard amount each month. You said your single.

You have been getting an extra £86.75 each month since 1 May 2020. This is a temporary increase because of the coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic.

How your payments will change

The below table shows how your payments will change:

 Your circumstances)

  Current monthly allowance (from April 2020)  

 Reduced monthly allowance (after September 2021)  

  Single and under 25   £344.00    £257.33
  Single and 25 or over   £411.51     £324.84
  In a couple and both under 25   £490.60 per couple    £403.93 per couple
  In a couple and either of you is 25 or over   £596.58 per couple    £509.91 per couple

We don’t want to worry you; however, we do want you to be prepared.

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