As a mutual, keeping in touch with our tenants, employees and local community is of great importance to us at MVH.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we keep in touch with everyone and digital ways of communicating became the primary way to do so. As a result, we prioritised the need to improve our website, so it became more engaging for everyone and made accessing our services and information much easier for you.  

The new site continues to be fully bi-lingual with the BrowseAloud feature available on every page – simply click on the icon and you can view the information in large print, audio or in another language.  

As part of the website update, we also re-freshed our logo to be more bold and bright.   

As Wales’ first tenant and employee mutual – we wanted something that reflected our bold, inclusive and partnership culture.   

The logo was created by MVH employees and we will be gradually phasing in our new logo, ensuring we do so responsibly, while keeping costs to a minimum. So, you’ll see both logo’s for a short while. 

It has been very important for us to introduce our new logo responsibly while keeping costs to a minimum, so our talented MVH Communications Partner Helen Callan designed and created this in house and we will be gradually phasing this in so as we reproduce information, we will be using the new logo, so you will see both logo’s for a short while. 

If you have any feedback when you visit the website, please let us know