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Your Tenancy Responsibilities

As a tenant of Merthyr Valleys Homes you will be issued with a tenancy agreement, which lists out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. If you have any questions or queries regarding your tenancy with us please contact us or your Community Housing Officer.

Remember: You need to notify us immediately of any changes in your circumstances.

Types of Tenancy

There are two types of tenancy –

  1. Assured Shorthold (New tenants)

If you are a new tenant you will be on an Assured Shorthold tenancy for 12 months. As long as the tenancy has been conducted in a satisfactory manner during the 12 months then the tenancy will automatically convert to an assured tenancy on the 12 month anniversary of the tenancy start date.

  1. Assured Tenancy

Refer to your tenancy agreement for more information or contact your Area Housing Officer.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

Important: Assured Short hold tenants do not have the same rights as Assured Tenants – please refer to your tenancy agreement for full details.

Your Rights

Your Rights

As a tenant you have certain rights that are fully explained in the tenancy agreement. Before you exercise these rights please check whether or not our permission is required. These rights include;

  • Right to occupy.
  • Right to take in lodgers or sublet your home (Assured Tenants only).
  • Right to make improvements to include right to compensation (Assured Tenants only).
  • Right to repair.
  • Right to consultation.
  • Right to information.
  • Right to exchange including mutual exchange (Assured Tenants only).
  • Right to succession.

Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

There are a number of tenancy conditions that each tenant must comply with which are outlined in the Tenancy Agreement and include;

  • Paying your rent on time.
  • Reporting of repairs.
  • Using the property as your only or principle home.
  • Allowing access to MVH staff or contractors hired by MVH- (please remember to ask members of staff for identification)
  • Maintaining your home and garden.
  • Parking.
  • Use of communal areas.
  • Pets.


The Housing Team

Housing Services cover the management of your home. This includes, dealing with problems of antisocial behaviour, managing estates and communal areas, assisting you to move into your new home and to move out. All residents have a Housing Officer and you can contact them to discuss any problems or queries you may have about your tenancy.

Community Housing Officer Role and Responsibilities

The following issues can be reported/raised with the housing officers at Merthyr Valleys Homes:-

  • Advice on how to apply for accommodation and the bidding process.
  • Post tenancy visits for new tenants to include tenancy advice.
  • Welfare tenancy visits for existing tenants to include tenancy advice.
  • Referrals for support to Supporting People.
  • Referrals for financial advice.
  • Reporting complaints about nuisance neighbours, dogs fouling/roaming, overgrown gardens, parking issues, abandoned properties, fly tipping, off road vehicles, abandoned vehicles, repairing vehicles, overcrowding, lodgers, sub-letting, domestic abuse.
  • Advice on rent and housing benefit claims.
  • General tenancy advice on becoming a joint tenant, succession rights, mutual exchanges, structural alterations/improvements, name change, how to end a tenancy.
  • Reporting repairs.
  • How to make an official complaint.

Community Housing Officers

Phillip Rudman

Robert Davenport

Ian Akehurst

Paul Cope

Janine Hopson

Dawn McInnes