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We are not only passionate about the career development of our employees but also the communities we serve. We will work with you to understand your employment history, your current situation, and what kind of job is most suitable for you. We have a vast amount of experience in helping people into employment, and support will be tailored to your individual needs.

Find out more about some of the initiatives we have in place to help you build job specific skills and to find meaningful employment below:


MV Homes

"As part of the Brighter Futures Project, I was given the opportunity to work in the office with the admin team and I absolutely loved it. I always thought office work wasn’t for me but that is the great thing about this project, you get to try out lots of positions until you find what you enjoy the most.

At first, I was volunteering as an admin assistant but after three months I had the opportunity to take up a six-month contract. As this contract was coming to an end, I was offered a permanent role with MVH. I was over the moon. I never imagined all of this would happen as a result of volunteering. It is such a supportive environment, and my boss Sarah is always there to help me out when I am unsure of something. My experience with the Brighter Futures project has been life changing. I never believed I would get far in life and didn't think I would be where I am today, I am so proud of myself. I would urge anyone thinking about getting involved with Brighter Futures to go for it! I am proof you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind it "

MV Homes

Mark Doe joined MVH through an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) apprenticeship in 2018 and was offered a permanent role as our Service Desk Analyst shortly after. Mark has been a valued member of the team ever since. To find out what its like to work as part of a mutual and what a career in ICT may look like, you can read Mark’s story below:

Mark's Story
MV Homes

Find out a bit more about the kickstart scheme and the participant’s experience below and keep an eye out for similar schemes in the future.

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