Building More Homes

Merthyr Valleys Homes are committed to building new homes in Merthyr Tydfil to play our part in the Affordable Housing Review by Welsh Government. Working with the Local Authority, Welsh Government and other housing providers in Merthyr Tydfil we aim to provide homes that people want and need.

We will build high quality, well insulated, energy efficient homes that are affordable to build and live in. We have already trialled Modern Methods of Construction(MMC) such as modular homes and PassivHaus. We intend to continue to explore innovation in the construction of our new homes. Off-site manufacturing (OSM) and (MMC) present new possibilities such as efficient build programmes, improved build quality, tackling the labour market shortages that exist and potentially reduced project costs going forwards. Through consultation with our Democratic Body, our development aspirations associated with MMC will be that we will experiment wisely and ensure that we are confident that we are providing long term sustainable homes for the future.

Building homes that are low, and wherever possible zero carbon is our aspiration. All homes will be built using fabric first approach - that is the buildings will be constructed to highest possible insulations standards- to ensure low running costs and to alleviate fuel poverty.

All grant- funded homes are designed and build in accordance with Welsh Government’s Development Quality Recuirements 2021 (WDQR 2021).


Development Pipeline