Our Mutual

Merthyr Valleys Homes (MVH) are proud to say that we are Wales’ first tenant and employee mutual housing association. This means our tenant and employee members own the association as a co-operative.  We pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive company that welcomes and supports our communities and workforce to play a part in steering the work of MVH so that it meets community need.


MVH was established in 2009 when tenants voted to transfer their homes to a new non-profit organisation and we changed to become our Mutual in May 2016. Now, MVH owns and manages homes across the borough.

We met out WHQS promises within our first five years and have a programme in place to ensure we continue to meet the standard over the next 30 years.  We have recently expanded our teams and expertise to develop new homes in the Borough and we are using a mix of traditional build and modular homes to meet the housing need in Merthyr Tydfil.  As well as developing homes we are also helping to develop people through our Brighter Futures and Kickstart programmes.  We continue to support local community groups through our grants and sponsorship scheme and support local businesses through our membership benefit scheme and the partnership work we undertake day to day.   

We have, and always will, listen and involve our tenants and employees.


Our purpose is to continue running MVH for the benefit of our tenants, our employees, and the Merthyr Tydfil community, providing them with excellent service, homes, and support.


Our vision is laid out in Gyda’n Gilydd,* which discusses the plans to shape our future ‘together’ with our tenants and employees to make the community a better place through our collective ambition.

*Gyda’n Gilydd sets out our values as Wales’ first tenant and employee mutual, and our plans to continue to develop a mutual future.


MVH is a registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Our purpose is to carry on business for the benefit of the community.

We are a charity, and within our Rules we have charitable aims. We are not a registered charity with the Charity Commission, but we have charitable status for tax purposes.

The Welsh Government regulates housing associations in Wales, and we are a Registered Social Landlord.


How We are Governed

We have Members, a Democratic Body and a Board of Directors.


Our members have access to information, have a voice and a say, and can elect representatives on to the Democratic Body.  Wherever possible ask members to provide their feedback on topics before Democratic Body make their decisions and we are constantly reviewing the ways in which we can make it easier for members to participate and give us their views.


The Democratic Body represent Members and the wider interests of the community. They have specific roles, such as developing a membership strategy, appointing the Board of Directors, monitoring the performance of the organisation, and holding the Board of Directors to account for the organisation’s performance.


The Board have the overall responsibility for the activities of the organisation.

The Democratic Body and Board work together to agree the organisation’s business plans, strategies and policies.

A copy of our rules can be found on rules-of-mvh.