Find a home

We advertise our available properties on Living Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council's official website. Here you can access information and advice, view social housing properties available for rent, register on the common housing register - which would allow you to apply for social housing properties


How does it work?

Step 1: Visit the Living Merthyr Tydfil website and REGISTER for a user account

  • Once registered, the system will issue you with a LOGIN REFERENCE (typically a 5-digit number – it’s very important you don’t lose this number)
  • Once you’re registered as a user, you can log in and out of the system at your leisure

Step 2: Complete a Housing Register Application

  • This form can take around 30 minutes to complete
  • Only when your HRA is complete and validated by Merthyr Tydfil Council staff can you begin applying/bidding for social housing


Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is aware that not everyone will have access to a computer or the internet. The One Stop Shop in the Civic Centre will have public access computers so you can enter your details onto the system/website. Living Merthyr Tydfil is a totally online process – from applying to join the register, viewing the available properties, and bidding on them.

If you require assistance to go online to register please call 01685 725000, this service is restricted to those who cannot access the internet due to a disability or specific vulnerability.

Please also remember that Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council has free computer access available in their reception – which is always available during opening times. If you need any help or assistance filling in the form, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council can assist you.