All applicants for social housing must have a “Housing Options” interview with Merthyr Tydfil Council’s Housing Solutions service.  You will be offered an appointment as soon as one becomes available, which is normally within ten working days of an enquiry or receipt of an application form.


Interviews are necessary to ensure you are provided with the full range of housing advice and housing options, they need to check you are eligible to apply for social housing.  You may also be able to access accommodation more quickly outside of social housing.

All applicants’ circumstances are different, which may mean that someone has a higher housing need than you. They may fully occupy the property and you may not,  They may be in a higher band than you,  We may also have had to offer someone emergency accommodation.  We cannot give feedback on another person’s application, but all houses are allocated in line with MTCBC Housing Allocation Policy, which does mean that if someone has a higher level of housing need they may be re-housed before you, even if they have been registered afterwards.

Yes, you will need to submit a medical letter from your GP or health visitor. Your case will then be assessed. Where it is determined that your medical circumstances are seriously affected by your housing, we will amend your banding to either silver or gold. If your banding is upgraded then your registration date will change to the date of the new banding.

You must advise MTCBC Housing Department immediately and complete the “change of circumstances” form which is available from all our housing offices. Where your change in circumstances leads to a higher priority banding, your registration date becomes the date you advised us of your change in circumstances. However, where your change of circumstances leads to a lower banding, then your original registration date will be used.

You will need to provide independent evidence from the South Wales Police. This evidence will be considered by the re-housing circumstances panel, who will decide whether any priority should be awarded.

Yes. Where there is evidence of previous unacceptable behaviour you may be suspended from the register and not be able to make any bids. Similarly, if you are an existing tenant of either Merthyr Valley Homes or another social landlord, and you have broken the conditions of tenancy (e.g. non-payment of rent, condition of property) then you will not be placed in any specific band until the problem is resolved to the landlords’ satisfaction. There is a right of appeal against these decisions, which must be made in writing within 28 days of notification of the decision.

The “Bedroom Standard” table provides an indication of the size and type of property that different bandings can bid for which lists Property Size and Type followed by the Household Size