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Here at Merthyr Valleys Homes we believe diversity and inclusion are more than just buzz words. They are the guiding principles upon which we build our teams, cultivate our leaders, and create an organisation where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic, whole self to work.


If you are driven to perform, you’ll fit right in at MVH. We approach our work fearlessly, learn quickly, improve constantly, and celebrate our wins at every turn. We encourage multiple approaches and points of view and are passionate about building a culture where difference is valued and the diverse voices of our employees and tenants are always heard. Equally, we know this is a journey and there is always more work to do. Read on to find out about some of the amazing initiatives we are involved with as an organisation

Single Equality Scheme

This Single Equality Scheme aims to ensure that equality is embedded into all our areas of work from the Corporate Plan through to service delivery plans. The Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations expects organisations to have regard to a number of delivery outcomes, and the following are the ones most pertinent to this scheme: –

  • We live public sector values, by conducting our affairs with honesty and integrity, and demonstrate good governance through our behaviour
  • Our activities and services reflect the diversity of the communities where we operate, are free from discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.
  • We treat the Welsh & English languages on the basis of equality.
  • We place the people who want to use our services at the heart of our work – putting our tenants first.

 We can demonstrate that:

  • We know our current and potential service users and tailor our services and activities accordingly.
  • We encourage and support early tenant and service user involvement in shaping our services, reviewing our performance, and developing our plans for the future.

You can read our Single Equality Scheme in full here:   Merthyr Valleys Homes – Single Equality Scheme


Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)


We complete an EIA for every new policy and strategy as a way of ensuring that all our policies and strategies and the way we deliver our services do not have unintended, negative impacts on groups of people.


For more information, please refer to our Single Equality Scheme-Link