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Your voice matters to us!

In this section you can have a say in many aspects of the organisation including your board, estate walkabout and communications forum etc. We want to hear your opinions about different areas and together help improve the services offered by us as your housing organisation.


Democratic Body
Commitment: * * * * *

The Democratic Body is the elected body that represents members and the local community and has a real say and influence over key decisions made. There are 11 tenant members, 8 employee members and 2 representatives from Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. Find out more information about the Democratic Body

Residents Participation Forum (RPF)
Commitment: * * * *

The Residents Participation Forum ensures that Merthyr Valleys Homes is a customer focussed organisation. The Forum has a strategic overview of all the tenant participation opportunities and links to the Board.


Property Improvement Forum
Commitment: * * * *

The Quality and Design Forum influences our planned improvement programme and responsive repairs service.


Grant Panel
Commitment: * * * *

The Grant Panel assesses applications from individuals and community groups who are applying for funding from our Grant and Sponsorship schemes. Find out more about the Grant and Sponsorship scheme and the monies awarded.


Communications Forum
Commitment: * * *

The Communications Forum check the information we send out is clear, easy to understand and focuses on relevant topics.


Disability & Wellbeing Focus Group
Commitment: * * *

The Disability & Wellbeing Focus Group are there to ensure tenants are aware of services available to them, inside of Merthyr Valleys Homes and out and they identify and address gaps in service provision. Meet one of the members here.


Mystery Shopper
Commitment: * * *

You are the best people to let us know how well we are providing services. Test our services anonymously and give us feedback on how well we performed.


Surveys and Focus Groups
Commitment: * *

Want to have your say but don’t have much time to spare? Then this could be the opportunity for you. Register your interest, then when something comes up, pick and choose which is of interest to you.


Commitment: *

Do you want the chance to vote at our Annual General Meeting or have a say in the way we do business? If yes, then become a member of Merthyr Valleys Homes. Find out more about being a Tenant Member

Commitment Scale

We have developed an easy way to show the amount of time and influence you will have on the various panels. The grade is agreed with the forums / panels wherever possible.

1 * = low (involved once a year / low level of influence) up to

5 ***** = high (meetings once a month/high level of influence)


For more information contact our Regeneration Team on 01685 727816.